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Services & Programs

Key Benefits from Our Corporate Health and Wellness Program:

Improving your employees’ health.

As employees get healthier, their absenteeism decreases, their productivity levels increase, and their personal healthcare spending decreases.

Increasing employee morale.

People appreciate working for companies that invest back in their employees. Health and wellness programs like these have been known to reduce employee turnover and increase longevity and employee loyalty.

Saving both the individuals and the company money.

Employees love the fact that they don’t have to take off work and pay to go to the doctor to access this critical health information. They love the ease of it all.

Our corporate health and wellness programs provide you with a plan to achieve the business goals and objectives that matter to you.

Whether your goal is to reduce healthcare costs, or help keep your employees longer to reduce turnover, Inside Out Health Solutions has the program to help change your employees’ health using a simple approach: Assess. Customize. Implement.

We’ll start with an assessment of your business goals and understand where you are at, and where you want to go.

Then we will work to customize a health and wellness program designed to meet those goals of you and your employees.

Lastly, we work with you to implement the customized plan and work towards improving your employees’ health and wellness.


We begin our health and wellness program with a health risk assessment (HRA) of your employees to understand the current state of their health.

These HRA’s are performed onsite at a time that is convenient for you and your employees. We take each employee’s blood work and biometric data, and provide a customized report for each employee privately. Then we aggregate this information following strict HIPAA guidelines and practices, to provide you with an overall risk profile of your employee population.

This information can be used with your healthcare insurance company to track employee health over time and potentially reduce your premiums with them.

After the HRA is performed, we can work with individuals who are considered medium or high risk to help improve their health and well-being over time to reduce their risk through customized individual health programs.

In addition to the HRA, we offer the following ongoing services to your organization:

  1. Individual health and wellness management
  2. Lunch and learns
  3. Educational material and brochures
  4. Incentive programs and rewards
  5. Employee challenges and events
  6. Newsletters designed to educate, motivate, and inspire
  7. Reporting (both individual and corporate)

Ready to start meeting your own goals?

I’ll find out your company’s specific needs and provide you with the perfect, customized corporate wellness programs to meet your wellness goals.