Individual Management

Photo of a weight scale, displaying body weight, with bare male feet and whole apple with black coffee in front on white wooden floor

Individual Management

There is no “magic bullet” for improving individual health and wellness.

Everyone is unique and we get it. We put together a customized health and wellness plans for each person who participates. Our goals are simple: Educate. Manage. Inspire.

But we know it’s not enough to provide information and hope someone is motivated enough on their own. You have to get to the root of the problem and help change their behavior and patterns. That can be as simple as helping to change eating patterns, or as deep as emotional and physiological needs.

That is where we are different than other health and wellness providers. Our staff has extensive experience in helping individuals with chronic health issues, working with them to understand the underlying problem of how they got to where they are.

In addition to a customized health and wellness program for individuals, we also offer additional services to help address health problems with your employees.

Medication Management Sessions.

For those employees who take a number of medications, there might be redundancies or interactions which might be costing them extra money and keeping them from feeling good. This assistance can be paid for by the company or the employee.

Ready to start meeting your own goals?

I’ll find out your company’s specific needs and provide you with the perfect, customized corporate wellness programs to meet your wellness goals.