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There are numerous potential benefits to employers.

In a recent study conducted of corporate health and wellness programs showed that for every corporate dollar spent on wellness programs, an average of $3.37 was saved.

Studies also show the following positive results when health and wellness programs are made available to employees and their families:

Reduces cost for chronic diseases

Reduces overall costs of healthcare coverage

Decreases absenteeism

Improves stress management

Reduces employee turnover

Improves worker satisfaction

Improves morale

Ensures greater productivity

Improves fitness and health

How Long Until I See a Return on Investment (ROI)?

The answer to this can only be determined by how important the health and wellness program is to both the employer and the employee. Most employers in the study conducted saw a positive ROI in 2 years or less.

Creating a healthy lifestyle will take time, so the employer should plan for additional budgetary needs and support extra activities to promote health awareness in the workplace.

Incentivized programs like a 10,000 steps/day program, “Couch Potato to 5k”, and other such events work towards keeping a healthy culture in the forefront at the workplace. Cost efficient group events such as 15 minute wellness walk breaks, a 5k fun run, and weekend family obstacle course are just some of the ways to involve everyone in promoting wellness and togetherness both at work and at home.

Employers who focus on health and wellness programs as preventative measures will see ROI with the overall reduction in healthcare spending, work related injury, and absenteeism due to injury or illness.

With careful planning, efficient and effective wellness programs offered to employees and their families can shrink both the waistline and the bottom line.

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